1byone Belt Driven Turntable

1byone Belt Driven Turntable

A turntables craze is arising for those who used to own them and the current generation that wants to know what they used to be like. If you are caught up, then you may be wondering which turntable you should buy.

Some are classic while others have been modernized. The 1byone belt driven turntable is a modern record player, which other than playing your vinyl records, can record the vinyl music to mp3, has Bluetooth and built in stereo speakers.

The record player has a solid wood appearance and therefore combines the benefits of the traditional style with modern features. You can play the music on your phone or tablet with the turntable speakers using Bluetooth or the plug and play feature. It is one of the modernized record players.


  • It has a solid wood appearance to mimic the traditional style.
  • Plug and play and Bluetooth, which converts the record player to a speaker by playing music from mobile devices either wirelessly or using Aux-in.
  • It has Vinyl to MP3 recording for converting the music in the records to a format that can be played on mobile devices.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Built-in stereo speakers with active two-way stereo system. These are front-facing full range speakers giving optimized and clear sound on all types of music.
  • Selectable three-speed settings of 33, 45 or 78 RPM.
  • RCA Line Out for connecting the record player to external speakers to improve audio experience.
  • It has a dust cover for providing long-term protection.


  • The turntable provides classic design with contemporary features with its solid wood style, contemporary technology and unique sound. It allows you to play your favorite records or stream tracks from your mobile devices.
  • It can play music from mobile devices either wirelessly using Bluetooth, or by connecting using AUX- In.
  • It can be used to transform the audio from the vinyl records to MP3, which can be played on mobile devices.
  • It produces the best sound on all types of music.
  • RCA Line Out can connect the record player to external speakers. This makes it possible to enhance the sound to your liking.
  • You can play music direct from a USB drive.
  • Allows a choice of three speed settings.
  • It is light at 7 pounds and also portable.


  • When converting to MP3, it records one side of the album as a single track without separating the songs.
  • It does not have as many features as other record players though it has enough for its price tag. For instance, it does not connect to a computer or monitor.
  • Its belt driven and therefore may have some noise caused by the moving parts which may require replacing at some point.
  • Although the sound is good, it does not have bass, although this can be improved by using external speakers or headphones.


If you have old vinyl records that you want to listen to and still want to maintain modernity, then 1byone belt driven turntable is the record player to have. The turntable comes in a classic design with modern features that enable it to play music from mobile devices, convert music from the vinyl to MP3 and connect to external speakers.

The speakers produce clear sound. This ensures that you enjoy your music whether it from the vinyl records or from your USB, tablet or smartphone. It may not have some features available on high-end record players but the features it has makes it a good buy and worth the price considering that it is an entry level record player.


If you are going out there to buy a record player, it would be wise to know about features of similar products so that you can make an informed decision. Other record players are Audio Technica AT LP120 and Jensen JTA 230 turntable.


With 1byone belt driven turntable, you can listen to music using classic and modern means. You can listen to music from your vinyl records, stream music using Bluetooth from your mobile devices, or connect the devices via Aux-in. It combines classic design with modern features. For an entry-level turntable, it has many features that make it suitable for anyone who wants to venture into vinyl records without losing the modern touch.

Other than playing music, it can also convert music to an MP3 format and store it on a USB or for playback. Although it provides good sound, it can also be connected to external speakers if you are looking for more sound and bass.

For the times when you do not want to disturb others when listening to music, there is a headphone jack for connecting headphones. What’s more, it is portable at 7 pounds unlike other record players that tend to be heavy. It is also not so expensive if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a turntable.

However, if you are much into music, you may be a DJ or you are looking for something more exquisite, then you may need to look at other options such as the Audio Technica AT LP120. Although more expensive, it has features that lovers of music can appreciate. It can connect to a computer giving you more power to record and edit music, uses direct drive and allows adjusting of the tone arm to get the best sound.

If the budget for Jensen is a bit too high for you and you just need a record player, without much concern on the sound quality and looks, then the Jensen JTA 230 turntable would be a good choice.

It has most of the features found in the 1byone such as the ability to convert vinyl to digital format, playing music from other devices by connecting them using Aux-in, and has a headphone jack. However, its speakers are tiny and you may not get a loud sound. You may also have to buy a separate stylus for 78 RPM records.

This leaves the 1byone belt driven turntable as the best with just the right features and at an affordable price.

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