Best All-in-One Record Players

Best All-in-One Record Players

Record players are among the few things from the past that are still with us. These days, there are a variety of different devices used for playing music, and yet record players have managed to hold a place in people’s hearts. Manufactures have produced various different types of record player in terms of design, features, build quality and price. Most popular modern-day record players are those with a wide variety of features other than the basic function of being able to play vinyl records.

Some of the modern day features included in record players these days are Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity, built-in stereo system, and so on. These features aren’t just fancy additions, they are in fact must haves for this generation. There can be only a handful of people who choose to use just vinyl record players as the ultimate means of listening to music. The rest of us, however, choose to mix things up with this and that.

These complete record players are usually also referred as all-in-one record players. As the term suggests, record players labeled as all-in-one shouldn’t be limited to just being able to play vinyl records. Features like being able to digitize your records without having to connect the turntable to your computer are always handy.

With proper research, you can find pretty much every kind of record player you want. You need to be sure of what you want and the budget you can spare to even begin your search, or you will just end up getting lost and confused.

We have prepared a list of some of the best all-in-one record players for you on the market.

TEAC LP-R550USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable

This is one of the best all-in-one turntables with a fantastic design and stacked with a wide variety of features. This traditional looking turntable from the company comes with a CD R/W drive, USB port, 2-speed settings, cassette player, headphone output and remote control. And, it doesn’t end there. With the RCA audio input and output you can plug in external speakers for more enhanced sound. The dust cover that has been included with the product for its protection is well thought-out.

Pyle Home PVNP4CD Vintage Phonograph

You can’t help but fall in love with this magnificent record player. The design is so classy that you’ll feel like it’s a gadget from 1900s. And, the device isn’t merely for show either. The extra playing speed of 78 rpm will come in handy. Along with the traditional vinyl playing ability, this turntable also features an AM/FM tuner, AUX-in jack and a CD drive. You can really enjoy all kinds of music with this vintage looking record player. The bright horn is remarkably easy on the eye, and it’ll definitely be turning some jealous heads.

Electrohome Signature Retro Hi-Fi Stereo System with Record Player

Electrohome is one of the best manufacturers of record players and the company has managed to maintain its reputation with his product. It’s a great stand-alone product from the company that features a hi-fi stereo system. The retro woodgrain finish is remarkable and definitely easy on the eye. Along with playing vinyl records, you can also tune the AM/FM radio, play CDs, and convert vinyl record players into MP3s via USB or AUX input with this amazing product. Also, when not in use, you can close the lid of this device for protection from dust and any accidental spills.

Crosley CR6003A-CR Echo Portable USB Record Player

Crosley is one manufacturer that offers wide varieties of color and style in their all-in-one record players. This one in particular comes with three speed settings (33/45/78). Along with the ability to play vinyl records smoothly, this product offers AM/FM radio, RCA out jacks, AUX input, USB connectivity, headphone jacks and so on. Just remember that, because the speakers are at the rear, it might not give the best performance depending upon where and how it’s placed. But overall, it’s great value for money.

Audiology 3 Speed USB Turntable with Built-In Stereo Speakers

This one features classic 50s styling with its sharp wooden box edges. It comes with a dust cover. As for the features, it has a 3-speed turntable that can play 7, 10 and 12 inch records. Converting vinyl records to MP3s is a breeze with this belt-drive turntable. The built-in stereo system gives out a fantastic sound. Additionally, it includes modern day features like USB connectivity, built-in volume control and is compatible with both Mac and PC. You will be astonished at the low price of this product. It’s a bargain.

Crosley Radio Cannon Sound System with Turntable, CD Player, Radio, Cassette Player

This is another fantastic record player from Crosley with a full range stereo sound system that is able to play 7, 10 and 12 inch records. It’s 3-speed and also comes with CD and cassette players. AM/FM radio capability is another benefit, and you can plug in your devices via an AUX 3.5mm jack input. The best thing about this all-in-one record player is that, despite all its features, it’s still reasonably priced. The sound quality is excellent and you’ll definitely be falling in love with this turntable.

TEAC LP-P1000-CH all-in-one Speaker System with Bluetooth

This is one of the most complete music systems out there. This all-in-one setup features built-in Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to stream music from mobile devices. It features classic styling and comes with an auto-returning tone-arm, 3 speed functions and even the ability to play CDs. The speakers are powerful with amazing clarity. If you’ve been looking for a true all-in-one record player sound system, this is it. You can’t go wrong with this purchase.

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