Crosley Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable Review

The Crosley Record Player is an extremely popular product that ties in both quality listening and aesthetic style. Because of the vast market of turntables, Crosley often experiences mixed reviews but they have just so happened to stand the test of time. The company did not start out in the audio industry, but rather the automobile industry. This unique factor is what makes Crosley Record Players so interesting.
There are many different types of players that Crosley sells, but the one that happens to be in the category of most popular is the Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Style Three Speed Portable Vinyl Turntable with Built-In Stereo Speakers. These come in many different colors and patterns which is great for whatever personality is buying the product.
This turntable brings you back in time and it purposely does so. It is minimalistic in style and is designed almost exactly like record players you would find in the time between 1930 to 1950. It is ideal for anyone who embraces the old retro feel. One of the great aspects about this product is its portability. Specifically designed to mimic a suitcase or briefcase, it simply opens and closes with ease. The latch is sturdy and strong enough to stay in place. The weight of it as a whole makes it practical to maneuver and carry with you anywhere. It is compact but also extremely durable due to the briefcase design. If your friend has a set of vinyl records, but no record player, it is not a problem to simply carry it with you.
Aside from the vintage feel and portability, this record player has built-in, high-quality speakers that give you the rich and authentic sound on all of your vinyls. The speakers hold up well to all ranges of volume and you can experience the sound of a vintage record player for just a fraction of what they would cost. Including the full dynamic range, the speakers are versatile and have a built in amplifier. What is surprising is that it almost mimics the sound exactly of an old record player, but you are not shelling out hundreds of dollars for it.
One thing to look out for with the Crosley Cruiser turntable is that the needle places a lot of weight on your records. It is heavier than most turntables, which means it may wear out your vinyls faster than others. The weight is approximately five grams and the ideal weight to play vinyls with is about three grams. If you rotate your records and do not listen that often, this record player is perfect. If you are a music lover, however, it is not recommended that you use this player every day on the same few records. This would take some time to have an effect on the vinyls, but given that they are not sold too many places anymore, it is better safe than sorry.
With that being said, however, it still lives up to its great reputation. There are an abundance of pros to this product rather than cons. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this turntable (as stated before) is that for the amazing quality, when compared to similar models, it is beyond affordable. Similar products can go for around two or three hundred dollars. With the features included on this model, the durability and portability of a briefcase style turntable, and the quality of sound, the price is incredible. Depending on where you decide to purchase it, you can even get it for a mere eighty dollars.
For the price, quality, portability, and sound, this makes a great addition to a home or even the perfect gift for a music lover. It is not too expensive to be an appropriate gift for someone and they will surely never forget it. These turntables by Crosley are innovative with new technology, but maintain the vintage sound everyone hopes to hear from a vinyl record. If you look around on a few different websites, there are extremely good prices for all of the different colors. Even when bought right off of Crosley’s website, they are still impressively affordable. Crosley has a great reputation and continues to put out better products and improvements to current products frequently.

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