Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player with Built-in Speakers

Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player with Built-in Speakers

The race for manufacturing the best record player has started again. But this time around, it’s not just the same old record players that are easy on the eye. Manufacturers are paying key attention to fitting as many modern day features as possible into the vintage looking turntables.

Bluetooth connectivity, AUX cord input and a headphone jack are some of the features commonly sought by customers, no matter what the device is. Electrohome is one company that has made its name in the business with a series of fantastic products.

Here, we have one of the best record players from the company, which isn’t just great in sound but also looks good and is easily portable. Its portability, thanks to the suitcase design is what makes it unique from other similar products on the market.


  • The Archer Vinyl Record Player from Electrohome has been designed with style and portability in mind. It’s a record player neatly organized in a suitcase, so you can listen to your favorite records wherever you go.
  • This record player isn’t just limited to playing vinyl records; you can even play MP3s through USB or 2.55 AUX input. This turntable is compatible with most mobile phones and tablets.
  • You can also plug your headphones into the device for private listening.
  • The built-in stereo system provides high quality sound. The all wood acoustic cabinet makes the performance of the speakers even better.
  • This record player features a diamond-tipped ceramic needle, which provides increased audio performance with a natural, warm tone. Also, your records will be perfectly safe and you won’t have to worry about the needle ruining them.


  • The sound is loud enough for a few people. The built-in speakers aren’t powerful enough to entertain a party, but you can always plug in external speakers.
  • The suitcase design makes this record player easily portable. And, even if you aren’t travelling everywhere with your record player, it’s still pretty safe to have your record player neatly tucked away.
  • This unit allows configuring the speed settings at speeds of 33, 45 and 78 RPM.
  • This device is remarkably easy to set up and use. There are no additional distractions. This is the choice for those who want a classic vinyl record player and just that. Plus, there is always the option of playing music via your phone through the USB or AUX ports.


  • The tone-arm is flimsy, which has been one of the major complaints about the device. This causes the tone-arm to skip the records at times. You can always weigh it down by taping on a few pennies, but make sure not to add much weight as it could cause the tone arm to dig into the record.
  • The speaker quality isn’t the best; it could definitely be louder and clearer.
  • There have also been complaints about the customer service being poor.
  • Customers have also complained about defective products being shipped from the company. Some have complained about the missing latch on the lid while others are unhappy with the broken tone-arm and inconsistent speed settings.


Electrohome has built a reputation as one of the finest manufacturers of vinyl record players. They have succeeded in blending modern technology with the classic turntable design. This one has received mixed reviews and one of the major problems with the product is that faulty units are being shipped. When it works, it’s an amazing product with attractive design and quality features. Even though the speaker isn’t the best possible, it’s surely praiseworthy. So, if you’re planning to purchase this product, just make sure the one you receive isn’t faulty. The price it’s offered at is more than reasonable too. It might feel like a gamble to order something that might not work to its full potential, but considering how you can always order a replacement, it’s a risk worth taking.


There are only a handful of companies that can compete with Electrohome when it comes to vinyl record players.  This suitcase-design turntable from Electrohome is one outstanding product and we have done our fair share of research to locate comparable products. Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player 3-speed Turntable and Boytone BT-17DJM-C 3-speed Stereo Turntable are two products that are comparable with this Electrohome record player. Make sure you make a proper study of the features, pros and cons in order to make an informed decision.


Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player can play 7 – 12” vinyl records and its speed can be customized with three different settings. The unit also allows Bluetooth connectivity, AUX input, a headphone jack and RCA line out jacks. A volume adjustment knob and a play and pause lift lever are some of the features that make it even easier to use.

The Boytone record player is a modern vinyl record player packed with features like a cassette player, AM/FM radio, MP3 and WMA playback, rotary knobs, headphone jack, AUX input. The product is also backed by a year’s warranty from the company.

Both of these products are superb and are the cheaper options available if you are seeking vinyl record players. But, it feels as if both these products have tried to accumulate everything into a single device, and thus the quality overall is severely affected. The record player from Electrohome costs more than these two but, if you’re looking for a quality product, then it is the one to go for. There are cons for each of them so you’ll need to do your own research to find the best product for you that matches your requirements. Regardless, you won’t regret purchasing any of these items.

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