Old Fashioned Record Players are Cool

Old Fashioned Record Players are Cool

Old fashioned record players are becoming an obsession for many people. If you are also interested in vintage players, you need to know what to look for when purchasing one of these record players. Different vintage record players have varying features and it might be hard to find the right one.

Nonetheless, you can still find one that matches your taste and fits your budget.  Whether you are buying online or offline, here are the factors to consider when buying an old fashioned record player:

Availability of spare parts

Before buying any vintage record player, it is important to make sure that its replacement parts are available. This will come in handy if the record player breakdown or one of its parts is damaged. In some cases, you might be lucky to get an old fashioned player accompanied by some extra parts. But, it is equally important that you can access its accessories, should the need arise. The availability of spare parts will ensure that you enjoy the masterpiece.

Some of the accessories include needles.  The needle, also called the stylus, is used to make contact with the record.  It wears out with time and it requires replacement after a period. If the needle is in bad condition, it can end up damaging your records.

That is why is critical to consider the availability of needles for the old fashioned record player you are going to buy. Besides, the cost of a replacement needle can make the overall price of a vintage record player increase.

Belts are other accessories for record players.  The belt connects the motor to the turntable. After years of operation, it can wear out. When it becomes loose, it can distort the playback quality. Although replacing a belt is not as challenging as replacing a needle, it is best to choose a direct-drive turntable.

How compatible is the vintage record player with the rest of your entertainment?

In most cases, an old fashioned record player is used together with other components of a stereo system. That is why, it is critical for you to consider if the vintage record player you are buying is compatible with your surround sound system.

Usually, the connector used on most old fashioned record players is also used in several modern audio and video appliances.

However, there is one significant difference which you should know. The level output in vintage record players is lower than the one produced by tape decks and CD players among others.

To ensure that your vintage player works perfectly, you will need to add a phonograph preamplifier. Therefore, remember to consider the cost of the preamplifier as well.

Tape deck

You might also want to consider a tape deck. Most vintage record players feature a tape deck. This will let you to play cassette tapes without the need to incorporate another electronic. In addition, they also allow you to dub your recordings into blank cassettes.

Automatic start

Some vintage record players come with an automatic start. The beauty of this is that the turntable starts automatically and handles the tonearm in order to initiate the record. But, this can cause damage to the needle, since it goes on even when there is no record.


The arm is an important part of the record player. Mostly, old fashioned record players come with two kinds of arm—straight or curved.  Both work perfectly if they are operated well and if they are aligned with the right cartridge. However, curved arms tend to have a medium weight but operate with a wide range of cartridges. On the other hand, straight arms have a low mass and only work with assorted cartridges.

Type of cartridge

A cartridge is another significant element in a record player. You need to make sure that your vintage record player has the best type of cartridge.  To ensure the longevity of your old fashioned record player, avoid ceramic cartridges. They are heavy and will wear out your vinyl records faster. It is best to choose magnetic cartridges.

Other features

Some old fashioned record players have speed settings for either 33 RPM or 45 RPM.  Much older record players can have 78RPM.  Another feature is auto-stop, which stops the record from playing automatically, when it is done playing.  Some high-end vintage record players also have a linear tonearm, which helps to eliminate the distortion associated with some vintage pivot-based tonearms.


Cost is another important factor you need to consider. You should make sure that the old fashioned record player you get is worth your bucks.  Vintage record player prices vary from affordable to high end.  Depending on your budget, you can find a cheap vintage player or a pricey record player. However, do not spend much for less. Ensure that the record player you select has the best features and is in great condition.

Where to find an old fashioned record player

You can buy vintage record players at local vintage shops near you or online. The latter offers a wide range of options. When shopping online, you are limited in choice. You can choose from various items drawn from various corners of the globe.

In addition, since there are several dealers, you can expect to benefit from competitive pricing.  Buying online also provides you with an opportunity to compare the features and quality of various vintage record players.

Hence, if you are thinking of purchasing a vintage record player, get it from various online stores. However, be sure the store you buy from is credible and has the product you are looking for.

Purchasing a vintage record player to add to your existing sound system is a great decision but a challenging task. You will need to ensure that your dream record player has all the features.  Besides, you should also make sure that replacement parts are available.

Other add-on features should also be considered. Furthermore, you must consider the cost. This will help you to find a vintage record player that matches your tastes and budget.

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