Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System

Pyle PTCD56UBGR Record Player Stereo System

Turntables are one of the longest serving musical gadgets ever built. Their relevance has continued to grow in leaps and bounds to date and are still being produced in large numbers. The compact cassette, the digital compact disks, iPods,  and MP3s, among others, have attempted to outdo this monster but to no avail, as it is still loved by a group of folks, especially the older generation guys who still value and can place a premium on the turntables. It is one of the longest lasting technologies.

It always feels nice to have these record players close to us so that we can continue to listen to fresh and authentic music all the time. The Pyle PTCD56UBGR record player stereo system is one turntable that that can help reminisce old times while enjoying that which is modern.

It has the classy style yet with modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity; ability to connect to computers, tablets and other digital devices; can convert vinyl to MP3; has an audio jack; and can support USB.


  • Blends the vintage crafted sound system with classy turntable style with a modern touch. It has a sturdy finish.
  • In built stereo speakers that are full range.
  • Stereo speakers built on Bluetooth wireless technology allow for transfer of files through streaming.
  • Has audio streaming abilities.
  • USB flash reader port.
  • Compatible with other devices including tablets, iPods, Android smartphones, laptop and even desktops.
  • 3-speed vinyl turntable with a range of 78RPM – AM/FM.
  • Radio Aux with 3.5mm jack port.
  • In built CD player
  • Speakers that are inbuilt RCA (L/R). This allows one to connect the turntable with external speakers for an increased sound output.
  • Ability to undertake recordings, save and share files.


  • Has a beautiful sturdy design that creates an aesthetic appeal which matches well enough with any interior decor. It has a classic look that just shouts antique.
  • It is blended with a mix of both old and new technology giving it a solid performance.
  • Its ability to connect with other devices allows you to not only listen to music on vinyl records but also from other sources such as laptops and smartphones.
  • Its Bluetooth wireless technology allows for easy connection with other gadgets. The set up is quite easy.
  • Has a decent sound ability that allows you to enjoy the music.


  • The volume of this record player does not increase any further after a certain limit and this can lead to you not really enjoy your music. To aid this, it has the option for external speakers to be connected.
  • It is heavy in weight as it weighs close to 23 pounds. This makes it very difficult to move around.
  • The tone arm for this record player is a little bit light can break with additional weight or force. It needs to be handled with care because if not it can disrupt the sound quality when the vinyl record is playing.


This turntable is a mix of old and new technology and satisfies both worlds.  It allows one to enjoy the old times, with a feel of new technology. Its outer covering gives one a feel of the old times as it is sturdily made with nice finishing that can match any decor. It is a good turntable in terms of sound abilities. It also stands out with its ability to connect to other devices giving you more options to listen your music apart from only vinyl records.

To add a touch of modern technology, it has wireless Bluetooth connectivity that is relatively easy to set up. On the down side this cannot be a turntable for the noise lovers, as one cannot exceed certain volume levels, hence the need to connect external speakers. It is a pricey device by its own standards, but  worth every penny.


There are many turntable models out there. Some are excellent compared to others and each having its unique features. Therefore, it is best to compare them to allow you, the customer, to make a wise decision before you purchase. We will compare this Pyle PTCD56UBGR record player stereo system turntable, with two other turntables, the Electrohome EANOS502 Wellington Wood and the Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player.


The Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player is a small record player in terms of size, but is sure to give you a heavy dose of music output whenever it is used. It has a distinctive old vintage look that has great matching abilities with any decor.

It plays vinyl record on a belt-driven 3-speed turntable, with the ability to play from 33 to 78RPMs. To connect to other devices, it uses Bluetooth wireless technology allowing one to stream music straight from the phone.

For privacy purposes, one can plug headphones into the 3.5mm jack port. Other additional features include volume adjustment knob, pause and play button coupled with a function knob for easy usage. It relatively cheap compared to the Pyle PTCD56UBGR record player stereo system and therefore would be a good choice if you want to spend less but with similar features.

The Electrohome EANOS502 Wellington Wood record player is another lovely model found on the market. It has some excellent features that include a 4-in-1 retro vinyl turntable. It has a mahogany built casing that is strong, durable and well polished, with a semi-vintage look.

To produce excellent sound, this turntable has a diamond tip needle that prevents distortion. It also has inbuilt speakers encased in a wood acoustic casing, USB port to allow connection to other devices, ability to play CD and AM/FM radio, MP3, recording ability and a 3.5 auxiliary input. If you want this wonderful piece of gadget, be prepared to fork out a little more cash, but it will be worth every penny.

You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing turntables, but in this case go for the Pyle PTCD56UBGR record player stereo system as it has great features. You can boost your sound levels by adding external speakers.

It also has a USB flash reader and can share files from the record player to an external device and vice versa. This Pyle PTCD56UBGR record player stereo system has the ability to play all kinds of music formats both old and new.

It can convert vinyl to MP3, has a radio and a CD player. It has more features than the Gadhouse and it is cheaper than the Electrohome EANOS502 Wellington Wood.

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