Record Player Speakers 101

Record Player Speakers 101

Every day we all listen to music either from our Hi-Fi systems, iPods or even our very own smartphones. The experience is always magical and this is made possible through the speakers.

Have you ever tried listening to your favorite jam with a low quality speaker? It’s awful and irritating to say the least. So we owe our good musical experience to the speakers. True music lovers will tell you that a good speaker system equals great music.

They are the part of the system that reproduces the sound. So it is imperative to ensure that you purchase great quality speakers and keep them in top shape to guarantee you a good musical time.

How the speakers work

Speakers generally work like the human ear. What the ears perceive as sound is just a mass of numerous vibration waves. When a sound is made by an object, vibrations are created in the air that results in the air particles colliding, creating what is known as soundwaves.

The eardrum is inside the ear and it vibrates when it immediately perceives these incoming soundwaves. In turn, it sends this information to the brain, which interprets it as sound. The speakers for record players use this same principle to work.

A speaker simply converts the electronic information contained on records and digital compact disks into physical vibrations. It creates soundwaves from electronic information.

Speakers have a driver that is cone-shaped and houses a diaphragm. The diaphragm is designed in a manner that allows for back and forth vibrations, thus creating the physical vibrations that get to the ears to create sound.

Types of speakers

The Infinity Primus P252

This floor speaker model has received numerous awards for its outstanding features.  It features a black vinyl veneer with a wood grain and magnificent metal tone rim. It also has two 5.25-inch metal matrix diaphragms with a crossover of up to 1500 Hertz.

This speaker’s sound quality does not disappoint, as it brings out precise musical elements, with good detail, enough dynamic range and an excellent deep bass.

Sony SS-B1000

Sony has been renowned for some of the best devices and gadgets in the world from smartphones, radios, DVD players among others. When it comes to speakers, they do not fail in their standards as they have proved in this Sony speaker.

Editors have made these speakers to stand out from the pack due to the numerous positive reviews they have given it. It has a sturdy outer case that is well polished. Its sound quality abilities are just top drawer.

The 1-inch Nano fine balanced dome tweeter, coupled with a polypropylene cone woofer, delivers a clear and smooth sound with a well-balanced bass. To add to the gloss, the speakers come at an affordable price tag.

Klipsch RB-51

This speaker has some outstanding features: a 1-inch tweeter, great drivers and a very effective motor structure made of neodymium. Other attached features include a 5.25-inch subwoofer that delivers great sound output. The Klipsch-RB-51 speakers use a bass reflex design, which means it has a rear side port. This speaker comes at a very good price, and anyone can afford it with relative ease.

Ze Audio Omen

The Zu Audio Omen are stereo speakers which have highly been recommended by CNET’s Audiophiliac. They are strong and powerful for large-sized rooms with a wattage capacity of up to 200 watts. The outer layer is well finished and polished, with the inside being a work of breathtaking art.

Its output is high with no crossovers or filters on the drivers. Its sound ability is unrivalled as it delivers the best bass which is well balanced and easy on the ear. They are available on premium as they have a high price tag.

Dayton B652 Speakers

Not many be quite familiar with the Dayton Audio Company, but this company manufactures some of the finest speakers including the B652-type speakers. The speakers have an excellent and affordable price tag and anyone can afford it.

Its sound system capabilities are superb as it delivers smooth, clear and well-balanced sounds, with a fully refined bass. Its outward appearance may not be eye catching, but it delivers a great crispy sound that no doubt sets a new quality benchmark.

Wharfedale Diamond

This bookshelf speaker is by far the best on the market. It is one of the entry-level speakers in the diamond series of the Wharfedale Company. The Audiophiliac loved it for its outstanding features.

A 5-inch Kevlar woofer, 1-inch silk dome tweeter and a baffle with a mouthwatering high gloss finish. When it comes to sound, it clearly delivers without any doubt. It produces a deep bass and very lively dynamics. Its vocals output its clearly the best.

What to consider when buying speakers record players

Before purchasing speakers for record players, it is important to consider some elements. Price tops the list. Be sure to go for a set of speakers that you can totally afford. They should also match the record player components. The wattage of the speakers should match that of the amplifier for the smooth working of the record player.

Another important factor to consider is that of the speaker’s sound quality output. This should be excellent and compatible with your sound needs. Users should also buy speakers due to their tastes and preferences. What may be pleasing to one customer may not please another.


Speakers will continue to be an integral component of the stereo system. They are the sound reproducers, as they produce sound based on a series of vibrations. Good speakers will guarantee music listeners a good listening experience. Buyers can make their choice from various speaker types including sub-hoofers, bookshelf, floor, in-wall and satellite speakers.

Users of stereo systems should ensure they go for speakers with great sound quality. They should be aware of the various elements to consider before purchase that include price, brand name, tastes, preferences, type of speakers among others. Buy your speakers from selected outlets.

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