Vinyl Records are Better than CDs!

Vinyl Records are Better than CDs!

Vinyl records are considered to be old-age compared to the compact disks which are considered to be of the modern era. The vinyl record is the pioneer of musical storage and will continue to be for many years to come.

Many may argue which is better than the other as each of them are better in their own rights owing to the fact that each has its own unique features. For the older folks, keeping vinyl records is like keeping a musical souvenir, which is dear to many musical enthusiasts, especially the older generation.

Here are the reasons why vinyl records are better than the compact disks of our modern era:

Analog record players compared to digital compact disks

Both the record player and CDs work the same way, but the difference is in how they read the information on the stored device, in this case the vinyl records and disks. Vinyl records are considered analog, while compact disks are considered digital.

On a record, the music is stored in the form of bumps, with it being equal to the total number of musical notes. On the other hand, compact disks store the music information in the form of numbers represented by bumps, which are read via laser mechanism.

One disadvantage of the compact disc is that it is delicate and needs to be stored properly. In case it develops scratches, it might not play properly or even not play at all. This is, however, the opposite for the vinyl records, which, despite any extra bumps created through scratches, will continue to play.

Your taste for music will never change

People who listen to vinyl records are very discerning in what they listen to. Listening to music on vinyl records will be sure to give you an unforgettable experience of raw and high-quality music. You will experience the true magical voices of older era musicians in the most original ways that are unedited.

Songs on vinyl records are written for the ear and the sounds; the beats and audio features are exceptionally blended. With the current digital disks one cannot get the real taste of the music as it is subjected to too much editing which can compromise the final quality.

With vinyl records, the content is usually original and cannot in any way be pirated. This is so because the material on which the content is engraved is hotly sandwiched between two casings.

Vinyl can make you money

With digital compact disks, one merely licenses the content and there is much less value for it. Even if you decide to sell, you will not get much money from it. With vinyl records, it is a different case as they have become a treasure chest that one can sell and get paid handsomely.

Many people collect or buy these vinyl records and keep them because of the great money value they possess. Their value increases over time.

When you decide to collect or purchase vinyl records, you will not just be buying or collecting music, but you will be making a worthwhile investment. You can sell them for your rainy days or simply pass them down to your children.

Guarantee a worthwhile experience

In the all cities around the world, especially the old towns and cities, you will find record stores with vinyl records. People still fancy these records; some buy them for prestige while others for their love of music. Buying vinyl records, you will definitely get value for your money. You will not have to worry about getting low-quality stuff. The music you get will be authentic, original and of high quality.

Vinyl will always be better

Nowadays, most of the music we listen to is stored and broadcasted in weak formats, such that the intended details and quality are lost. This is so because the audio features are compressed to make it small enough to fit in phone memories or to broadcast over the airwaves.

Even if one listens to music on digital compact disks, the feeling will not be as complete as there will be one or two elements missing. With vinyl, it is what is called a lossless format. Nothing on the record has been tampered with and the content you get is original, the way the musicians and producers intended for it to come out.

With the continued rise of digital music, it has become even more possible to artificially come up with tracks that are not natural. This has made the contents unpleasant to listen to, as they are distorted and much louder than it naturally should be.


Vinyl records are an older technology, and one that has and will continue to remain relatively unchanged now and in the future. It is still held dear by many music lovers, especially the older generation.

Vinyl records are loved as they are the only thing close enough to allow you to listen to uninterrupted and authentic music. But the question many will ask, and rightly so, is if the record players are better than compact disks.

Vinyl records hold great advantages over the digital compact disks. The content in the records are as authentic as they were first produced. Their content can still be read even if its surface is compromised.

Due to them being from an older era, it makes them very rare and precious, and so they hold great money value, since there are not as many compared to digital compact disks.

In addition, the contents of vinyl records cannot be duplicated or edited in any way unlike CDs whose contents can be manipulated leading to low quality.

After reading this, you will be able to make your decision over which of the two is superior. Vinyl records clearly support the old adage that “old is gold.” If you get a vinyl record guard it safely.

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